Broker/Borrower Testimonials

"In private money funding of commercial projects, closing the transaction is of utmost preeminence. I have closed several projects with the Cushman Rexrode Capital Co over the last 5 years. I can recommend them highly. What I like about the Cushman Rexrode Capital team is there business acumen as well as their real estate knowledge. In one difficult transaction, they were able to provide the buyer with an 80% private money mortgage which allowed the transaction to close thereby saving the deal for all parties."
Dan Sanders, Broker, Unified Broker Capital

"Cushman Rexrode has been funding loans for our clients for many years. They always respond quickly to our loan requests, we even closed one loan within three days of submission. They react professionally and reasonably under any circumstances. If any problem occurs, we have found them to be flexible and creative in their approach to a solution. We recommend them to anyone looking for a private money lender."
Robin Wagner, Broker, Financial Advantage

"In a very competitive lending environment I am able to best serve my clients by providing quick answers to their financing needs. Cushman Rexrode Capital is responsive, thorough, competitively priced, and fast. Most importantly, when they say they can do something they always do it. That is invaluable to my clients and me."
Rich Davidson, Broker, REDCO Finance

Investor Testimonials

"We have been investing in Trust Deeds with Cushman Rexrode Capital for over five years. We are retired, and travel a great part of the year, so it is of critical importance to us that we be able to put our funds into the hands of someone not only trustworthy, but with astute judgment and solid business sense. CRCC meets these standards and more. The convenience related to every transaction simply cannot be surpassed and we have enjoyed substantial returns on our investments over the years."
Mr. & Mrs. B.

"I have been investing in Trust Deeds with Cushman Rexrode Capital for more than eight years now. One reason that Cushman Rexrode has been so successful is that they don't hesitate to lay the facts on the table for their investors. My investments have been sourced from a self-directed IRA, and I am quite sure that I would not have been able to retire as early as I did if I had relied on the stock market to add growth to my retirement fund. I am able to sleep nights knowing that my investments are sound."
Dr. H.


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